Pharmacy Management Software

Revolutionary Pharmacy Software Design

Here at Liberty, we believe that we have designed a revolutionary pharmacy management software platform. Why do we say that? It’s not just the technology, although it is built on Microsoft’s newest technology platform. It’s not just the feature list, although it is comprehensive. More than anything, we believe that it is the user experience. Prescriptions can be filled quickly and accurately while protecting patient safety. Many pharmacists have told us it is the easiest system they have ever used.

Intuitive User Interface

How long does it take to teach new employees how to operate your existing pharmacy software? Pharmacies using Liberty Software have found that new employees can often begin filling scripts immediately, with little to no training. It’s just that simple. A well-designed pharmacy system should make your employees more productive and happier. When you do need help, it’s only a phone call or mouse click away.

Features that build

Workflow to fit your pharmacy

Liberty’s workflow includes RPh Check, Count Que, Final Product Check, and customizable stages so you can design your own workflow to fit your pharmacy’s needs.

Text and Email Patient Alerts

Automatically text and email your patients refill reminders, prescription ready alerts, and prescription waiting messages. Improve your pharmacy’s customer service automatically.

Five Star Dashboard

Liberty helps you be proactive about your five star rating. Our five star dashboard, built right into the software, calculates your numbers and helps you identify problem patients.

Facts and Comparisons

Save time by viewing Integrated Drug Facts and Comparisons while filling prescriptions and during pharmacist verification workflow steps.

Take Charge of Refills

Liberty has a number of tools to be proactive with your patients’ refills including Auto Refills and Refill Management. Plus, patients’ adherence numbers are displayed graphically for quick reference.


Liberty’s compounding tool set helps you easily build and bill compounds without purchasing separate programs or modules.

Advanced Bin Management

Quickly find the location of any prescription at any location in your pharmacy with Liberty’s built in bin management.

AWP Reclaim

Built right into the pharmacy software, Liberty allows you to review and rebill claims that third parties paid using outdated AWP price. Select a few claims, or rebill all with the press of a button.

Manufacture Coupon Management

Impress your patients by setting up manufacture coupons ahead of time. Attach coupons to drugs and automatically process them during prescription processing.

Inventory Control Made Easy

Liberty’s inventory control puts you back in control with an easy to use “Want Book”, support for multiple vendors, and automatic order creation, integrated ordering with wholesalers.

Simple Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is built in and easy to understand. Processing is quick and statements can be extensively customized for your pharmacy.

Insurance Audit Report

Save hours with Liberty’s audit report that helps you quickly prepare for insurance audits. Find prescriptions and print out everything you need for many audits with one report.

Customizable Prescription Labels

Liberty gives you complete customization over your pharmacy’s labels with What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get label designer.

Pharmacy Task Management

Schedule one time or reoccurring tasks for yourself or staff. Keep your pharmacy organized and provide better follow up to your patients.

Monitor DIR Fees

View the impact of DIR fees on your pharmacy with Liberty’s DIR fee management feature. View the estimated DIR fees on paid claims and in profit reports.

Document Management

Get rid of the clutter with Liberty’s built in document management. Scan or browse files and attach documents to patients, doctors, drugs, prescriptions and other records.

Extensive Reporting

Liberty comes preloaded with helpful and relevant reports. More importantly is our flexible report designer that let’s you easily create reports for your pharmacy’s needs.

Flexible Dataview

Liberty’s Dataview let’s you drill down on your data. Sort, group, and filter to quickly find the answers to questions about your business.

Pharmacy Point of Sale

Point of Sale Designed for Pharmacy

For a Pharmacy, point of sale software needs to be more than cash drawer management for your front-end. For your patients, it should enable your staff to provide better service. For you, it should result in better accountability, assistance with HIPAA compliance, and improved pharmacy management. These are values that not just any point-of-sale can deliver. That’s why we developed our pharmacy point of sale software from the ground up: designed especially for community pharmacies’ needs. This is not simply an add-on to your pharmacy system, but a fully integrated solution that works hand in hand with our pharmacy management software.

Modern Payment Processing

Liberty’s point of sale is ready for today’s complex payment processing. Liberty enables your pharmacy to accept credit cards, EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Flex and Health Saving cards.

Front End Inventory Management

Finally get a handle on your front end inventory. Manage inventory, place electronic orders with wholesalers, and print shelf barcodes.

Capture Signatures

Electronically capture signatures for third party audits, pharmacist counseling, credit cards, and even custom restrictions. Drive through and delivery signatures can also be captured with ease.

Pseudoephedrine Real-Time Monitoring

Track over the counter sales for pseudoephedrine and restrictions for monthly limits. Real-time monitoring (available in many states) with NPLEx eliminates double entry and manual paper logs.

Patient Facing Display

Liberty’s point of sale powers a customer facing display for custom advertising and line items during check out.

PCI Compliant and IIAS Certified

Security is very important in today’s world. Liberty’s point of sale is PCI Compliant and also IIAS Certified for Flex and Health Savings payment processing.

Multi-Store Management

Cloud Powered Office Management

Liberty’s multi-store management is web based, which means you can access central office tools from anywhere you have internet access.

Prescription Transfers

Quickly and easily transfer prescriptions within your pharmacies on Liberty’s multi-store platform.

Central Web Based Reporting

Run reports for any individual store or across all stores in real time from your web browser. Reports can be viewed online, or saved as PDF or Excel files.

Drug & Pricing Management

Easily manage drug files and pricing across your stores with Liberty’s centralized drug and pricing tools. In addition to managing existing drugs, new drugs can be added from the main office and pushed down to all or specific stores.

User & Security Management

Centrally manage your users and security privileges. Add new users to your organization and assign security roles for specific stores. Single sign-on allows your employees to use the same username and login at each store where they are authorized.

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